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The Peloponnisos Peninsula is in southern Greece and is connected to the mainland by the Isthmus of Corinth. The construction of the Corinth Canal was completed in 1893 and it has two land connections with the rest of Greece, a natural one at the Isthmus of Corinth and an artificial one, the Rio-Antirio bridge completed 2004 near Patras.

The chief cities are Patras, Corinth, Pirgos, and Sparta. It is a mountainous region and was the location of the ancient cities of Sparta, Corinth, Argos and Megalopolis.

Peloponnisos has been inhabited since prehistoric times.

The peninsula is mainly mountainous and has many ancient historical sites including the ruins of Olympia, site of the ancient Olympic games, the monastery of Megaspalaeon, the temple of Zeus at Neméa, the ruins of Mycenae, the seaport of Návplion, the falls of the River Styx and the scanty remains of ancient Sparta.

Patras is the main port connecting Greece to Italy via Bari and also has many ferry departures to the neighbouring islands.